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We have gathered a list of most popular social media sites used in the world. The list has 250 social media sites as of October 2018 and keeps growing. Updated periodically, the list is available in 32 languages which are listed at index page.

List of Top 250 Social Media Sites 2018

  1. Myspace is a social network that is focused around an individual’s profile and is more popular with musicians and bands. It once was a top social network in the U.S., but now only has a few million users.

  2. Voat is a social networking platform where members can submit news texts and links of their choice and build their own community.

  3. Snapchat is a mainly audio-visual content network with around 200 million users as of January 2018.

  4. MeetMe focuses on helping users discover new people to chat with on mobile devices. It has over 2.5 million daily active users.

  5. WeGather is a new social network where users can meet to discuss the topics thy like.

  6. Peanut is a social network which helps mothers connect with other mothers. Users Exchange emotional support, stories, advice and many other similar interests.

  7. Peloton is a fitness and cycling based Social network. Members get live advice from instructors while cycling outdoor or at home. It is popular in western countries.

  8. WeChat is a mobile-messaging social network with almost 1 billion monthly active users who are primarily from China. But WeChat also offers an English, international version. It has rich functionality from chatting to shopping with users even buying homes on the app.

  9. FicWad is a social network where users can create stories and their stories shown on search results.

  10. Wayn is a travel network that connects like-minded people and also helps them discover where to go. The site has over 20 million users.

  11. Digg is a news based social network. It curates news, articles and videos from other major media sources. The users can digg a story or a piece of news to be seen by other users.

  12. Anchor is a social network which allows its members to easily send podcasts and distribute them widely with just one click.

  13. Discord is a social network that offers free and secure voice and text chat opportunity fort he gamers online. It is considered as an alternative to Skype and TeamSpeak.

  14. Catster is a social network for cats community! Users (in this case, cats!) have their profiles and they interact with other cats.

  15. Dogster is a social network for dogs community (by the same company as Catster). Like Catster, members (in this case, dogs) have their profile and they connect with other dogs.

  16. Signal is a social media app which allows users to send high-quality group, text, voice, video, document, and picture messages anywhere in the world without SMS or MMS fees.

  17. Douban is a very large Chinese social network which brings together book and film lovers and music fans.

  18. Skyrock is primarily a French social network that offers blogging capabilities to its members. It has a few million members.

  19. Galleria Irc- is a social network in Finland. It has about 500 thousands members and is open mainly to Finnish speaking people.

  20. Wer-Kennt-Wen is a community Social network in German language.

  21. Mamba is a dating social network which is most popular in Russia and many other countries in the world.

  22. Copains d’Avant is the number one social network used in France.

  23. Ameba is one of the largest social networks in Japanese.

  24. Miarroba is a Spain-based social network which allows its users to share different types of content.

  25. Fc2 is the third biggest social network in Japan. It is also available in many other languages.

  26. Weibo is a large Social network in China which has about 300 million members.

  27. Spaces is a Social network mainly popular in Russian-speaking countries.

  28. StudiVZ is a Social network dedicated to students and teachers in German-speaking countries.

  29. Taringa! is a Social network that is very popular in Argentina and other Spanish-speaking countries.

  30. Trombi is a french social network where members find and connect old friends. It has more than 9 million users.

  31. is a social network for Greek people to meet and connect.

  32. Hatena is a Japanese social network known with its bookmarking feature. Users interact via the urls they have shared.

  33. LiveInternet is one of the largest social networks in Russia. Its members are estimated around 25 million.

  34. Rediff is an India-based social network and portal similar to pinterest.

  35. Qzone is one of the largest Social Networks in China. It has 480 million members and is only in Chinese. Also 9th largest website in the world.

  36. Plurk is a Social network especially popular in taiwan which alows its users to create and share content in short plurks.

  37. Mixi is a popular Social network in Japan. It has about 25 million members.

  38. Live Journal is a Social network that is very popular in Russian-speaking countries.

  39. Nasza Klasa is a very popular Social network in Poland.

  40. Zing is the largest social network in Vietnam. It has about 7 million members and is considered larger than local facebook.

  41. Cyworld is a South Korean Social Networking website. İt has around 20 million members and is only in Korean langauge.

  42. Cloob is a social network that mainly serves Iran and Farsi speaking countries.

  43. Nextdoor is a social network that connects neighbors by sharing upcoming events and other neighborhood activities. Over 150,000 neighborhoods in the U.S. use Nextdoor.

  44. Tuenti is a Social network dedicated to university and high school students. It has about 12 million members and is especially popular in Spanish-speaking countries.

  45. Gaia Online is an anime-theme social network and forums-based website. It has over 25 million registered users.

  46. Wize is the largest German-language social network for Best Agers (those in their 40s and up) where they meet and make new friends.

  47. Odnoklassniki is a very popular Social network in Russian-speaking countries and former Soviet Union countries.

  48. Partyflock is a Dutch Social network that brings together members interested in house music and general electronic music.

  49. Renren is another large Chinese Social network with about 200 million members, especially popular among university students.

  50. Wanelo is an online shopping social network. Users post and sell any kind of products under the guidance of the network.

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