Full List of Social Media Platforms

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Social Media List has gathered a complete list of most popular social media platforms that are currently used in the world. The list has 200 social media platforms as of September 2018 and keeps growing. The list is updated periodically, with newly emerging platforms being added on a regular basis. The social media platforms is available in 30 languages. Another 30 language will be added soon.

The Content of the List

The social media platforms list includes 200 social media platforms that are scattered around the world, serving to both general use and also specific purposes. It is interesting to see that the number of social media platforms serving to specific need has increased dramatically.

Many of the social media platforms on the list have large number of users, but some of them are newly established and have only a few thousand members. Nevertheless, it seems that the number of the newly emerging social networks will continue to rise, as the social media platforms technology is getting cheaper and widespread.

What Are Social Media Platforms?

Just to avoid a misunderstanding, we would like to remind the difference between a social media platform and a social media script, which are often a source of confusion about the subject. Generally speaking, Social Media Platforms are websites where users can register and interact with one another. Registration (which is usually free) and interaction among the registered users is the typical feature of any standard social media platform. In this context, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. all are social media platforms.

Social Media Scripts (or social network scripts, as they are called by some), on the other hand, are coded programs which are used to build social media platforms. In other words, social media (or social network) scripts are sets of codes which provide the substructure for social media platforms to function.

The reason for the confusion between the two is due to the fact that some programmers also name the scripts as platforms. We as Social Media List, use the term "platform" for Social Media Platforms as explained above.