Social Media Apps

This is a list of 250 social media apps, social networking sites and social media platforms as of 1 February 2023. Although this is the best social media list available, nevertheless it should not be considered as complete, because with the rise of social media marketing, the number is increasing constantly. Updated periodically, the list is available in 32 languages which are listed at index. We are also running a Social Media Addiction Test if you are interested.

Social Media Apps - List of 250 Social Networking Sites 2023

  1. Yareny (New) is a very new social network similar to Twitter, but with much longer text length and less restrictions. It is modest, clean and peaceful. Yareny also allows its users to monetize their network activity.

  2. Befilo (New) is a new social network where everybody is automatically friend with everybody. Users just join the network and automatically friend with all other members.

  3. Bumble (New) is a new dating and social networking app that requires women to initiate the conversation after a match is made. Bumble empowers users to connect with confidence whether dating, networking, or meeting friends online.

  4. Demoxia (New) is a new social network that combines social networks and news media on one platform. It pays its users for everything they post. At the moment it pays $1 per 1000 views.

  5. Zoimas (New) is an anti-addiction social network which keeps users online as little as possible. Users can login only once in 12 hours, be online max 15 minutes, post only once each login and have max 150 friends.

  6. Fetelina (New) is a new social network with simple and fast features. It looks like that good old version of facebook. Fetelina can be interesting for the users who love simple and smooth networking.

  7. Crypto Newspin (New) is a new social media site dedicated to cryptocurrency, bitcoin and altcoins community. It aims to be twitter of the crypto world. Every new user gets a free crypto airdrop.

  8. Supernova (New) is a new social network which donates part of its advertising income to charities chosen by the users. It also provides 24/7 human moderation for a kinder, more inclusive community experience.

  9. Facebook is still the largest social network in the world. It is said to have around 2 billion monthly users as of December 2017.

  10. Twitter has about 320 million users, who can post tweets limited to 280 characters.

  11. Instagram is a photo and video sharing social network. It's part of Facebook and has around 800 million users as of January 2018.

  12. Pinterest is a social network where content is added in the form of pins and it has about 200 million users as of January 2018.

  13. LinkedIn is a social network platform that is mainly used by business professionals. As a trademark of Microsoft, LinkedIn has approximately 500 million users as of January 2018.

  14. Reddit is a content sharing social network with over 500 million monthly visits. Text posts or direct links can be shared on the site and voted by members to determine popularity.

  15. Parler (New) is an American alt-tech social networking service associated with conservatives. Journalists have described Parler as an alt-tech alternative to Twitter, and users include those banned from mainstream social networks or who oppose their moderation policies.

  16. Truth Social (New) is a social media platform created by Trump Media & Technology Group, an American media and technology company founded in October 2021 by former U.S. president Donald Trump. It has been called a competitor to Parler and Gab in trying to provide an uncensored alternative to Twitter and Facebook with 1.7 million users. Truth Social is available only for American users.

  17. Cato (New) is a new social network which allows its users to post Meows and get not so anonymous messages.

  18. Beep (New) is a new and free social network in Belarus created for communication, exchange of impressions, entertainment and just good mood. Here you can sell what you don't need and buy what you need, find new customers and talk about your business or become a blogger.

  19. Basistar (New) is a social network for free spirits, fans & those interested in grassroots democracy in german language.

  20. Vanatu (New) is a Germany based social network for real life contacts that allows you to easily and spontaneously find interesting people in your real environment and instantly start communicating with persons you have met.

  21. Family Universe (New) is a social network that will link generations and preserve the history and memories of each family. Each family member can upload their memories - photos, videos and even voice messages. And the network will transform them into a unique interactive family archive.

  22. Tellonym (New) is a new social network which allows you to create an account to see what your friends are talking about and let them answer your questions.

  23. Quanswer (New) is an online community where reciprocal help is the main goal. A place where anyone can ask about anything, anyone is free to join, anyone can answer, help others and express their opinion in the most honest way. It is available in english, hungarian and romanian.

  24. Human Connection (New) is a social network which allows its users to build a bridge with the fellow human beings to a sustainable future for the children of the world. It is available in english, german, french and spanish languages.

  25. Jodel (New) is a social network that shows you what is happening in your area in real time. It also allows to share local news updates and to participate in voting to decide what is essential for your location. It is available in several major languages.

  26. Life Personal Network (New) describes itself as a Personal Network which allows its users to express, communicate and share informations, photos, videos, etc. with other users.

  27. Kultur Sharing (New) is a free and independent social platform for shared cultural experiences. To find an accompaniment for the theatre, concert, opera, ballet or museum. For everyone in every city. It is german language.

  28. Club House (New) is a new social network which allows its users to hang out with friends, meet new ones, and talk about anything in real time. It is a new type of social network that is based on voice.

  29. Vero (New) is a new Ad-free and algorithm-free social network optimized for connection, not addiction, putting its users in total control.

  30. RCPE (New) is a new social network that connects people through food. It allows its users to discover the best chefs & recipes from around the world.

  31. Helo (New) is a new social media app that enables its users to browse content that is relevant to what’s happening around you. It is very popular in India.

  32. Lomotif (New) Lomotif is a new short video-sharing social networking platform that offers easy and intuitive creation, with editing and curation tools that inspire creativity and collaboration.

  33. Roposo (New) is a new social media platform that is similar to TikTok and focuses on regional content. Roposo is popular in India and as a premium live entertainment-commerce platform, it allows its users to broadcast live shopping, grow their network, launch their pop store and monetize their talent.

  34. Pearpop (New) is an social media collaboration platform based in Los Angeles, United States. It offersits users a function called challenge, which allows brands to instantly activate creator campaigns on-demand. It has around 200,000 users.

  35. Yubo (New) is a new social network based in France. It is a live social discovery app which allows users to join the fun, chat, play games, and live stream. It has about 60 million users.

  36. HalloApp (New) is a new social network which considers privacy as a fundamental human right. It was created by the first developers of Whatsapp. It allows users to contact people already in their phone contact list and gathers no personal information.

  37. Band (New) is a mobile social community application that is mainly focused on communication between groups. It provides a dedicated space through which all information goes out and comes back the same way so members never miss anything important. It has about 50 million users.

  38. Sunroom (New) is a new social platform dedicated to supporting women in securing their fortunes and futures. It is a creator app where women and non-binary people make money. The platform is owned and operated by women who share an aggressively body-positive, sex-worker friendly culture.

  39. OnlyFans (New) is a new social media platform which encourages creator and fan connections. Most of its 150 million user are artists and content creators from all genres and the platform allows them to monetize their content with their fanbase.

  40. Valence (New) is a new social network that is dedicated to the success of Black prefessionals. It connects, showcases, and empowers the global Black professional community. Valence offers networking opportunities, a job board and recruiting opportunities. It is known that many high-profile companies, including Amazon, PayPal and Reddit have been using Valence for hiring.

  41. Elpha (New) is a new social media platform where women succeed at work together. Members are able to access daily conversations with experts, insider opportunities, advice, support and a lots of other useful information. It has about 100,000 users.

  42. BeReal (New) is a new social media app similar to Instagram. But unlike Instagram, it allows its users, in a unique way, to discover who your friends really are in their daily life. As a platform culture, it supports unedited and unfurnished real photops and videos.

  43. Polywork (New) is a professional social network that lets its users to share what they’re up to both personally and professionally and send collaboration requests to others. It is very similar to LinkedIn, but with more cool features and less restrictive policies.

  44. Applaudable (New) is a new social networing platform very similar to Instagram. It allows its users to capture and share their daily experiences in a way that others can repeat. Its "Applauding" feature works to improve the quality of life of its users by focusing on specific, genuine experiences its users love or appreciate.

  45. Poparazzi (New) is a new social network considered to be anti-Instagram due its feature which bans selfies. Essentially, it is a photo-sharing app that only lets you upload pictures of other people. It has about 5 million users, with majority being Generatiın-Z.

  46. Whisper (New) is a new and anonymous social networking app, which allows its users to post confessions, be it fact or fiction, by superimposing text on a picture. As the platform functions entirely on an anonymous basis, users are issued a random nickname on registration and there are no followers, friends, or profiles of any user on the platform. It is popular among the teens.

  47. Octi (New) is a new social network that uses augmented reality to connect people in real life. Members can make videos with objects and scenes and earn digital Octi coins as more people engage and they can buy exclusive products from favorite brands with their Octi coins.

  48. CloutHub (New) is a new social network where users can socialize, connect, and collaborate on topics that matter to them most. It is an ad-free social network for civic, social, and political empowerment and engagement.

  49. Gab (New) is an ad-free social network that allows its users to read and write messages of up to 300 characters, called gabs. It has roughly 200,000 users.

  50. Mastodon is a new Social network, something between Instagram and Twitter. It is becoming popular fast and adding new features that don’t exist on the other two.

  51. Ello is a global community Social network that brings together artists and creators.

  52. Hello is a social network where users can join and create communities with same interests.

  53. Opportunity is a business social network with a matchmaking algorithm to connect professionals for business and relationship opportunities. It has several million users around the world.

  54. MeWe describes itself as the Generation-Next social network. It offers its users a good deal of autnomy over their presence and security on the network.

  55. Raftr is an events and communication platform for college students with an exclusive social network for each school.

  56. OneWay is an alternative social network that focuses very much on political freedom, the right of free speech and liberty of conscience.

  57. EyeEm is a visual content based social network. It is considered as an alternative to Instagram. But it has a more authentic content provided by 22 million users.

  58. Care2 is a social network that connects activists from around the world to primarily discuss political and environmental issues. The site has about 40 million users.

  59. GirlsAskGuys (New) is a opposite-sex based social network platform in which opposite sexes ask and answer each other questions.

  60. Canoodle is a dating Social network that brings together people with same interests.

  61. Bucketlist is a social network where users can set goals and interact with other users with similar goals.

  62. Brainly is a large educational social network by students for students. It has 350 million users and is especially popular in Brasil and United States.

  63. hi5 is one of the oldest Social networks that is popular in Asia, eastern Europe and African countries. It has about 80 million members.

  64. Tiktok is a short form mobile video share social network. It has about 150 million daily active users and is very popular in China and Asian countries.

  65. NapSack is a family and friends based Social network. Its motto is to make social networking easy and simple.

  66. DeviantArt is an art-sharing network with over 38 million registered members.

  67. Flickr is a photo and video sharing social network that supports tens of millions of members and over 10 billion photos.

  68. BlackPlanet is a social network for African Americans that focuses on dating, showcasing talent, and chatting and blogging. The site has around 20 million members.

  69. Steemit could be seen as a combination of Quora and Reddit. Users can publish their posts on Steemit and based on the upvotes, they can receive Steem crypto tokens. It has about 10 million users.

  70. Amino is a mobile social network that has large online communities about almost any topic.

  71. InLinx is considered as one of the new trends in social networking. It brings together many different features sucha as; interaction among families, friends and collogues, dating, making new friends and digital marketing.

  72. Spinchat is a social network where you can meet new people and play games with them.

  73. Diaspora is a decentralized Social network that offers many different ways to share your posts and to socialize with other users.

  74. Yooco is a social network platform which allows its users to create their own social networks.

  75. Meetup is a social network that facilitates a group of people to meet in person around a specific topic or theme. It has roughly 32 million users.

  76. Badoo is one of the world’s most widely used dating networks. It has over 360 million registered users.

  77. Tagged is a social network for making new friends. The site has about 20 million unique visitors globally.

  78. VK is like Facebook but more popular in Russia and neighboring countries with over 400 million users.

  79. Tumblr is a blogging network with over 350 million blogs and over 500 million users. The social network supports both web and mobile.

  80. Hub Culture is a Social network that allows its members to create connections in the physical and digital world.

  81. Cookpad is a recipe social network and a community platform for people to share recipe ideas and cooking tips. It has about 100 million monthly users from 70 countries.

  82. Streetbank is a sharing and neighbouring social network. Users basically do three things: Give things away, share things and share skills. It has about 20 thousand users from around the world.

  83. Happn is a social network that brings together people who are at the same place, same time. It has about 70 million users.

  84. Snapchat is a mainly audio-visual content network with around 200 million users as of January 2018.

  85. MeetMe focuses on helping users discover new people to chat with on mobile devices. It has over 2.5 million daily active users.

  86. Peanut is a social network which helps mothers connect with other mothers. Users Exchange emotional support, stories, advice and many other similar interests.

  87. Peloton is a fitness and cycling based Social network. Members get live advice from instructors while cycling outdoor or at home. It is popular in western countries.

  88. WeChat is a mobile-messaging social network with almost 1 billion monthly active users who are primarily from China. But WeChat also offers an English, international version. It has rich functionality from chatting to shopping with users even buying homes on the app.

  89. FicWad is a social network where users can create stories and their stories shown on search results.

  90. Digg is a news based social network. It curates news, articles and videos from other major media sources. The users can digg a story or a piece of news to be seen by other users.

  91. Anchor is a social network which allows its members to easily send podcasts and distribute them widely with just one click.

  92. Discord is a social network that offers free and secure voice and text chat opportunity fort he gamers online. It is considered as an alternative to Skype and TeamSpeak.

  93. Blab is a social network which offers the freedom of sharing anonymously. Users can share their secrets, confessions, fears, and funny stories anonymously.

  94. Bebee describes itself as a personal branding social network. Users unite their personal and professional lives in one profile and market themselves to employers, clients and vendors.

  95. Signal is a social media app which allows users to send high-quality group, text, voice, video, document, and picture messages anywhere in the world without SMS or MMS fees.

  96. Douban is a very large Chinese social network which brings together book and film lovers and music fans.

  97. Skyrock is primarily a French social network that offers blogging capabilities to its members. It has a few million members.

  98. Galleria Irc- is a social network in Finland. It has about 500 thousands members and is open mainly to Finnish speaking people.

  99. Wer-Kennt-Wen is a community Social network in German language.

  100. Mamba is a dating social network which is most popular in Russia and many other countries in the world.

  101. Copains d’Avant is the number one social network used in France.

  102. Ameba is one of the largest social networks in Japanese.

  103. Miarroba is a Spain-based social network which allows its users to share different types of content.

  104. Fc2 is the third biggest social network in Japan. It is also available in many other languages.

  105. Weibo is a large Social network in China which has about 300 million members.

  106. Spaces is a Social network mainly popular in Russian-speaking countries.

  107. Taringa! is a Social network that is very popular in Argentina and other Spanish-speaking countries.

  108. Trombi is a french social network where members find and connect old friends. It has more than 9 million users.

  109. is a social network for Greek people to meet and connect.

  110. Hatena is a Japanese social network known with its bookmarking feature. Users interact via the urls they have shared.

  111. LiveInternet is one of the largest social networks in Russia. Its members are estimated around 25 million.

  112. Rediff is an India-based social network and portal similar to pinterest.

  113. Qzone is one of the largest Social Networks in China. It has 480 million members and is only in Chinese. Also 9th largest website in the world.

  114. Plurk is a Social network especially popular in taiwan which alows its users to create and share content in short plurks.

  115. Mixi is a popular Social network in Japan. It has about 25 million members.

  116. Live Journal is a Social network that is very popular in Russian-speaking countries.

  117. Nasza Klasa is a very popular Social network in Poland.

  118. Cyworld is a South Korean Social Networking website. İt has around 20 million members and is only in Korean langauge.

  119. Nextdoor is a social network that connects neighbors by sharing upcoming events and other neighborhood activities. Over 150,000 neighborhoods in the U.S. use Nextdoor.

  120. Gaia is an anime-theme social network and forums-based website. It has over 25 million registered users.

  121. Odnoklassniki is a very popular Social network in Russian-speaking countries and former Soviet Union countries.

  122. Partyflock is a Dutch Social network that brings together members interested in house music and general electronic music.

  123. Wanelo is an online shopping social network. Users post and sell any kind of products under the guidance of the network.

  124. Internations (New) is a social network that connects expats across 390 cities worldwide. It has almost 3 million users.

  125. AngelList (New) is a social network platform mainly used by new investors and startup entrepreneur.

  126. Xing is a career-oriented social network that is used by consumers and businesses. Xing supports closed groups to enable a private and secure network within an enterprise.

  127. ASmallWorld is a paid social network that can only be joined based on an invitation by a member. The site focuses on luxury travel and building social connections, Its membership is capped at 250,000.

  128. ReverbNation is a social network for musicians to help them manage their careers and find new opportunities. The site has about 4 million musicians as members.

  129. SoundCloud (New) is an online audio distribution platform that enables its users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally created sounds. The service has more than 150 million unique listeners every month.

  130. Medium is probably world’s largest social network for reading and writing. It has around 60 million users.

  131. eToro is a worldwide Social investment network bringing Social traders together.

  132. HR is a Social network for Human Resources professionals worldwide.

  133. Influenster is a Social network for revies and sampling of new products online. It has about 1 million members.

  134. Evernote is an international social network which connects business professionals. It has about 15 million users.

  135. 23snaps is a social network for families to share the online photos of whole family in private albums.

  136. Flixster is a site for discovering new movies, learning about movies, and meeting others with similar tastes in movies.

  137. Minds (New) is a social network that allows its users to create channels on a variety of topics and also rewards users for their online activity. It promotes freedom and privacy on the Internet and has over 2 million members.

  138. Photobucket is a photo and video hosting site that has over ten billion photos and over 100 million members.

  139. CaringBridge is a social network for people facing various medical conditions, hospitalization, medical treatment, and recovery from a significant accident, illness, injury, or procedure.

  140. is mainly serving freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to increase number of their clients. It has about 5 million members.

  141. CafeMom is a site for mothers and mothers-to-be. It has over 8 million monthly unique visits.

  142. Ravelry is a social network for knitting, crocheting, spinning, and weaving. The site has over 7 million registered users.

  143. Slashdot is a social network where users can add their news and articles to be commented by other users.

  144. Playlist is a musical social network. It allows it users to create unlimited music lists and share with friends. It has about 500 thousand users.

  145. Airtime is a new video sharing social network. It allows member to gather for group chat and video watch.

  146. Cellufun is a gaming community with over 2 million members that can be accessed using any mobile device.

  147. MocoSpace is social gaming site with over 2 million users and over 1 billion monthly page views.

  148. Zynga (New) offers multiple games that are played by millions of daily users. Popular titles are Farmville, Draw Something, and Zynga Poker.

  149. Habbo is a social gaming company for teenagers. It has more than 5 million unique monthly visitors. The network operates nine sites for users in different countries.

  150. Crunchyroll is a Social network for those who like anime, cartoons and the like.

  151. Rooster Teeth is a Social network dedicated to online games, webseries, music and anime.

  152. Twitch is a social network dedicated to online games.

  153. Hyves is the most popular social network in Holland with about 10 million users.

  154. Fishbrain is a social network especially for those who love fishing. It has about 2 million members.

  155. OpenDiary is one of the oldest social networks (founded in 1998). It allows members to have online diaries. It has about 5 million members.

  156. Athlinks is a social network which brings together pople interested in outdoor activities like running and swimming.

  157. RallyPoint Over 1 million current and former members of the US military gather to discuss military life, share information, and exchange stories.

  158. BeMyEyes is designed to help blind people to solve everyday problems. The app connects the vision-impaired with fully-sighted users via video chat to show the situation and get help. In a sense, the sighted person lends their eyes to blind people.

  159. Kik is a new mobile social media app for online chat and instant messaging.

  160. GetJealus is a social network where members share travel related content.

  161. TravellersPoint is an online travel community network where users share their travel experiences.

  162. Gapyear is Social network that brings together travellers worldwide.

  163. CouchSurfing provides a platform for members to stay as a guest at someone’s home, host travelers, meet other members, or join an event. The site has roughly 15 million members.

  164. YY is a another large social network of China with 122 million users. It allows its users to post videos to a group which can be watched by hundred thousands of members.

  165. Glocals is a social network created in Switzerland for the expatriate community. It allows the members to meet, organize activities, and share information.

  166. Nexopia is a Canadian social network that allows its members to create forums on any topic and have discussions within those forums. The site has over 1 million users.

  167. Classmates connects people with their high school friends in the U.S. and also allows for the uploading of high school yearbooks. Members can also plan their high school reunions.

  168. Tingles is a video social network based on ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) which allows soft-sounded videos to trigger positive, euphoric feelings. It has several million users.

  169. Quora is a question-answer based social network platform where users ask-answer questions. It has about 200 million users as of January 2018.

  170. Ask is another large question and answer social network similar to Quora. It has about 160 million users.

  171. ProductHunt (New) is a social networking website which gives priority to content about new products.

  172. Untappd (New) is a mobile social network that allows it members to rate the beer they are consuming, earn badges, share pictures of their beers, review tap lists from nearby venues, and see what beers their friends are drinking. The site has roughly 3 million members.

  173. Doximity (New) is a social network for U.S. clinicians. It has over 800,000 members.

  174. WriteAPrisoner is a US-Florida based social network bringing together users and children impacted by crimes.

  175. Altervista is an Italian social network where users can create websites free.It has about 2,5 million users.

  176. MixCloud is a social network where users can listen to DJs, create and share their lists with other users.

  177. Koofers is another educational social network with about 2 million members. It is popular among college students.

  178. PatientsLikeMe is a Social network for patients connecting patients with similar illnesses to exchange information.

  179. DailyStrength is a medical and support-community based Social network with about 43 million members.

  180. MyHeritage is an online genealogy network that enables users to create family trees, upload and browse photos, and search billions of global historical records. The site has 80 million users worldwide.

  181. 23andMe (New) is a DNA analysis company that connects its customers with their relatives based on a DNA analysis. It also identifies if the person is likely to have any health-related issues based on DNA analysis.

  182. Ancestry (New) is in the business of finding your ancestors — i.e. building genealogy networks. The site has roughly 2 million paying members.

  183. Geni is a Social network that allows its users to create their family tree and invite other relatives to join. It has about 180 million users.

  184. Bandcamp is a social network that connects musicians and artists.

  185. VampireFreaks is a community for gothic-industrial subcultures that has millions of members. The site is also used for dating.

  186. Tinder (New) is a location-based dating mobile app that is used by over 50 million users.

  187. Crokes (New) is a community or social network for authors. It is similar to Twitter, but limits posts to 300 characters.

  188. Goodreads (New) is a social network for book lovers, who can recommend books and see what their friends are reading, among other features. The site is owned by Amazon and has tens of millions of members.

  189. Academia (New) is a social networking website for academics. The platform can be used to share papers, monitor their impact, and follow the research in a particular field. The site has over 55 million users.

  190. Library Thing is a Social network dedicated to books and book reader community.

  191. Listography is a Social network with lists and autobiography.

  192. Bibsonomy is a Social network where members can organize scientific work, researches, collect publications, and contact likeminded colleagues and researchers.

  193. ResearchGate is a social network where researchers and scientists can meet, discuss and exchange their knowledge.

  194. Wattpad is one of the largest literature based social netwoks where readers and authors connect. It has about 65 million users.

  195. Anobii is a social network where readers can connect and exchange ideas about books.

  196. Scribd is a large social reading network where members can read books, audio books and magazines.

  197. Grindr is a mobile social network for gay, bi, trans, and queer people to meet and connect.

  198. Gays is a Social network for the LGBT community. It has more than 100,000 members.

  199. Letterboxd is a social network where users like, review and share content about films.

  200. Stage32 is a Social network and educational website for people in TV, cinema and film industry.

  201. Film Affinity is a Social network bringing together people with smilar liking of movies and TV series.

  202. Filmow is a Brazil based Social network which allows its users to list, rate and recommend the films they watch.

  203. Telfie is a Social network for entertainment.

  204. Mubi is a subscription based Social network for cinema community.

  205. Lingualoe is a language learning-teaching social network. It has about 4 million members.

  206. Amikumu is another language learning social network. It helps the user to find the nearby speakers or learners of the same language.

  207. Hellolingo is a Social network dedicated to teaching and learning foreign languages.

  208. Italki (New) makes connections between language learners and language teachers to help learning new languages. The site has more than 1 million students.

  209. English, baby! (New) is a social network and online curriculum for learning conversational English and slang. The service is used by more than 1.6 million members.

  210. Busuu (New) is a language-learning social network. The site connects learners to speakers of the native language to make the learning process easier.

  211. WhatsApp is an instant-messaging social network platform that is mainly used on smartphones. It has recently been bought by Facebook and is estimated to have about 1 billion users as of January 2018.

  212. Messenger (New) is another instant-messaging social network platform which functions inside Facebook. Its users are estimated around 1.2 billion as of January 2018.

  213. Skype is an instant messaging platform that enables communication using text, voice, and video. It has over 300 million active monthly users and is now part of Microsoft.

  214. Viber is also a communication social network like Skype that allows text, voice, and video messaging. It has over 800 million users.

  215. Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service that has over 100 million active monthly users.

  216. Stumbleupon focuses on content discovery for its users. It is offered as a browser toolbar in all popular browsers.

  217. YouTube is the world’s leading video sharing network that enables its users to upload, view, and share videos. It serves billions of videos daily.

  218. Vimeo is a video based Social network very much like YouTube, but with more and different features and functions. It has 70 million members and 240 million monthyly viewers.

  219. FunnyOrDie is a comedy video network that allows users to upload, share, and rate videos. The videos often feature celebrities. The network has hundreds of millions of viewers.

  220. Last Fm is a music discovery and recommendation network that also shares what friends on the network are listening to. The site has tens of millions of users and over 12 million music tracks.

  221. Howcast is a social network similar to Youtube where users can upload high quality how-to video content.

  222. Bigo is a live streaming social network where users can showcase their talents and meet other members. It is very popular in Singapore, Thailand, Japan and India and has about 40 million members.

  223. Bitchute is a video hosting social network, like YouTube. Its policies, and especially monetization policy, is considered to be less strict tha YouToube.

  224. Snapfish is a photo sharing social network where the members can benefit from unlimited storage space for their photos. The site has tens of millions of members.

  225. Shutterfly (New) is a photo sharing site that allows its 2 million members to use the photos to create personalized gifts, such as mugs and t-shirts.

  226. 500px (New) is a Canadian photo sharing social network with over 1.5 million active members.

  227. Dronestagram (New) is focused around sharing photos that have been taken using drones. It claims to be “the Instagram for drone photography,” with more than 30,000 members.

  228. Fotki (New) is available in 240 countries. It has more than 1.6 million members and 1 billion photos. The site was started in Estonia.

  229. Fotolog is a photo-blogging site with over 20 million unique visitors.

  230. Imgur (New) is a photo-sharing site where members can vote (and rank) photos. The site has hundreds of millions of images.

  231. Pixabay (New) shares high quality photos from its members. The site has over 1.1 million images and videos.

  232. WeHeartIt is a social network for sharing inspiring images. The site has over 45 million members.

  233. PlentyofFish (New) is a dating social network that is free to use but also offers some premium services. It has over 100 million registered members.

  234. Foursquare provides personalized recommendations based on a user’s location and previous purchases. The service has tens of millions of users and is growing rapidly in the enterprise space.

  235. Yummly is a social network dedicated to food recipes and cooking.

  236. Pinboard (New) is a paid social network that allows sharing of bookmarks. The users can benefit from an ad-free experience on this site.

  237. Daniweb is a social network where IT people meet and discuss. It has about 2 million users.

  238. Swarm is a new social network by Foursquare which helps people to remember all the places and venues they have been to.

  239. Yelp (New) is a restaurant review and home services site that has social features to share photos, write reviews, and see activities of friends.

  240. Threema is a text, video and voice messaging social network. Members are able to use it without providing their email or mobile phone info.

  241. Ning is a social network which allows its users to create a social website and get it monetized.

  242. Stack Exchange is a question-answer based social network similar to Quora.

  243. Jsfiddle is a social network where users test and showcase their HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes.

  244. Houzz is a social network where users connect and share design and decoration related content.

  245. Dribble is a social network which mainly allows designers to connect and share ideas.

  246. Disqus is a social network which allows its members to build online audience around their content or website.

  247. Bitbucket is a social network whare users can share script codes and ideas about coding.

  248. Slack is a social network that brings together team members on certain works and projects.

  249. SlideServe is a large social network where users can upload and share their slides and Powerpoint presentetaions.

  250. The Dots was created in 2014 in Egland. Its mission is to help the no-collar professionals to connect and cooperate for creative projects.

  251. Zotero is a social network and a free software which functions as an assistant for web research.

  252. Webnode is a social network that brings together users on basis of free website building. It has 30 million users.

  253. Caffeine is a game social network which allows its users to broadcast the video of the game they are playing.

  254. Brave is a social network for website builders, email marketers and the like. It has 15 million users.

  255. GoFundMe (New) is a fundraising network that can be used to raise money for most any cause.

  256. Kickstarter (New) is a social funding platform where people can pitch their products or product ideas to get funding. The site has had almost 10 million backers.

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