Internet Social Media Smart Cell Phone Video Technology Addiction Test

This test is designed to help you find out whether you have any social media addiction. While the test can not be considered as a scientific diagnosis of your social media behavior, it nevertheless, will provide you important clues. Be sincere and realistic in your answers. Good luck!

1. First thing I do in the morning is to check my social media accounts

2.  I feel anxious and unhappy when I can't access social media.

3. I keep checking my social media accounts all the time, without any reason.

4. When I post something on social media, I desperately wait to see comments and likes.

5. I feel that I am posting about unnecessary things, like having a lunch or feeding my cat.

6.  I feel that I am wasting hours just looking at nonsense in social media

7.  I enjoy being in social media more than being with my family and friends.

8. I feel that I am doing some real life events, like taking a photo, just to show them on social media.

9.  I feel that my productivity and the quality of my work is going down due to my time on social media.

10. I keep being in social media, in my bed, until late in the night.

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